• What are the signs of poisoning in a cat?

  • Even though poisoning in cats is not as common as poisoning in other pets, cats when poisoned, they are less likely to recover from poisoning .This is due to the following reason;

    • The size of a cat.

    Cat health

    Cat are generally smaller animals therefore, a small amount of something poisonous can be deadly.

    • Biological processes: Cats have distinct biological mechanisms which are less able to perfectly eradicate a deadly substance from their body
    • Cat's lifestyle; Cats have a daring lifestyle and can easily be poisoned by wide range of toxic things.

    Symptoms of cat poisoning

    There are large number of toxins which can trigger many different reactions to poisoning.
    Signs of poisoning in cats can differ greatly liable on what they consumed, gasped or interact with. Some toxins have an immediate effect whereas others may take some days for symptoms to show up. The following are the symptoms of poisoning in Cat.

    • Salivation
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Breathing difficulties
    • shock
    • Swelling of the skin
    • A state of depression or coma
    •  Extreme thirst
    • Loss of appetite
    • Pale gums

    What are substances poisonous to cats?

    You will be flabbergasted to find out that numerous household items are poisonous to cat. The following are example of substances poisonous to cat. They include; slug bait, rodent bait (anticoagulant), herbicides, pesticides and many more.

    The importance of the cat's health

    From the minute you acquire a kitten, it is vital you take care of it to encourage good health. The cat's health should be taken very seriously and on condition you inaugurate with a kitten’s sustenance, you have to set the cat's health basis for life.
    The minute you brought it at home, it is important you visit a vet for an examination instantly. Your vet will examine the cat’s health and correct any health related issues to guarantee that the inclusive fitness of your kitten is worthy.